Zeus Motor

The World’s Most Energy Efficient Motor

It’s small, it’s light, it’s powerful and most importantly, it’s the world’s most energy efficient electric motor.

Like the LED light bulb disrupted conventional lighting, our motor will reshape the motor market. This is the type of thinking and the motor that will power a more sustainable tomorrow.

Motors Consume Half of The World’s Electricity

We’re at the foot of a climate emergency. In order to make an impact on global warming and protect our future, we must seek transformational technologies that can meet the demands of the Paris Climate Accord. A breakthrough in motor technology will reshape how we consume energy.

Meet Zeus,

The cleanest energy is the energy not used. Zeus motor’s extraordinarily high efficiency, propelled by a revolutionary breakthrough in motor technology, will reshape how we consume energy. Zeus will allow us to meet the demands of the Paris Climate Accord and reduce our global emissions.

Zeus is currently seeking investment on Wefunder. Follow the link below to see how you can become a part of this revolutionary technology.

Zeus Motors Outperform The Rest

Our motors are truly ground-breaking. They outperform even their most efficient counterparts in more ways than one.

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Up to


More efficient than the industry’s highest energy efficient motors

Zeus cuts energy usage by up to 40%


  • 1/3
  • 1/4

As compared to leading competitors

Pancake design can be installed in more spaces


Permanent magnets protected from demagnetization, interior encapsulation prevents corrosion, and bearings can be readily changed.

Fully enclosed for maximum resiliency


Less material, customizable, and a variety of cooling systems for your placement. Common parts across different power-output motors make for significant economies of scale

Easy to customize for your needs


There are over 300 million motors in use today. Our motors are able to fit most applications, which will create real impact within our energy usage landscape. Many companies are eager to begin using our motor in their products, and we have received requests for numerous demo motors that these companies want to test.

Traction Motors

their stop/start and slow speeds are where our motors are up to 20% more efficient

our motors’ pancake shape delivers big torque… no need for a gear box

our motor’s instant torque delivers an exciting ride, and its efficiency allows for a smaller battery pack

their range can be increased or their battery pack made smaller due to our motor’s extraordinarily high efficiency

Snappy performance.  We’re working on retrofit electric drive kits… imagine: Miata burns off Ferrari!

we’re planning an assault on Pikes Peak with the Tyrant, a 2,000 hp (two motors), six-wheeler.

Industrial Motors

Leadership Team

Tom Hopkins. Director & CEO, Colorado

University of Chicago, MBA
UNSW, Masters of Engineering
AquaCiser, Vail Consultancy, Rankine & Hill
American Hospital Supply Corporation
Experienced entrepreneur and product developer

Graham Eves. Chairman, London

Cambridge University, MA
Partner, Evesco
Haydale Graphene Industries
AB Dynamics
Adviser on strategy, strategic partnerships, fundraising

Joe Gallagher, VP Sales & Licensing, Boston

Merrimack College, BA Business Administration
20 years in PM motor industry. Supplier for manufacturers

Dr. Hollis Hopkins, Director, Australia

Northwestern University, Engineering
University of Colorado, Medicine

Dr. David Higgs, Director, California

University of Michigan, Medicine

Simon Humphreys, Director, Jersey

University of Wales, International Finance & Business
CEO of iVapps intelligent valve company

Whitney Hopkins, Business Development, London

Stanford University, BS Design Engineering, BA
Human Biology, The New School, M of Arch
Engineer, Environmental Scientist, and Architect

Sanjeev Lowe, Director, India

India representative
MBA, University of Delhi
Long experience with Indian energy companies


Eleven years, and with capital investment of $9.5 million.

We did not follow standard practice in motor design which is to make a motor bigger and heavier in order to make it more efficient. It’s a J curve: as the motor is made heavier (X axis), the motor gets more efficient (Y axis). We did the opposite. To make it more efficient, we reduced the weight. We showed that it is actually a U curve, and that we could make the motor even more efficient than a heavy motor by making it much lighter 

We put together a team of engineers to design the motor. We wanted a break-through design so we did not include any engineers who were experienced motor designers and who knew the “standard” practice… we did not want to be standard. We wanted exceptional… something different… and got it.

Yes. The ZEUS motor is a lot more efficient (it’s rated at IE7, while conventional motors are rated IE3) , and it has only 1/3rd as much material so it will be less expensive to purchase when we reach economies of scale. Better for less! Disruptive!

Yes. We have been granted seven patents in the US and we have multiple international patent applications that are being examined as well. ZEUS’ patent attorney wrote: “I am thrilled with the scope of the claims the USPTO has allowed during the first year of prosecution. This is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity your team has brought to bear when designing the ZEUS permanent magnet motor”.

No. We will use contract manufacturers. But most motors will be made in the licensees’ manufacturing plants. This strategy enables ZEUS to grow quickly, with minimal capital, driving up ZMI’s market value.

It depends on its use. If a motor is used in an industrial application — it is stationary and drives water pumps, compressors, fans, conveyors, etc. — we rate it on its “continuous power output”, i.e., the power it can put out without overheating while running non-stop, 24/7.

If, on the other hand, a motor is used in a traction application— it is used in a mobile application to drive vehicles — we rate it on its “peak power output”, i.e., the power it can put out for 30 seconds without overheating such as when a vehicle accelerates to pass a vehicle in front of it, passes, then pulls back in front of the vehicle it passed

The ZEUS Motor is designed to allow its peak power to be four times the continuous power. So our 13” dia. motor will put out 30 hp continuous, or 120 hp peak. Such a x4 multiple is unusual… most motors can only put out peak power that is x2 continuous. We designed it that way.

The cooling systems are different. Our industrial motors 15 to 30 hp continuous are air cooled (these motors are called “TENV” – Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated). Our industrial motors from 40 to 250 hp continuous are fan cooled (TEFC). Our traction motors (125, 250, 500, and 1,000 peak hp) are water/glycol-cooled. They need a radiator.

The world’s most efficient motor. You might add some quantification: The most efficient motor readily available is rated at IE3, and sometimes and IE4 is used in special applications (expensive). Our motor has a certified efficient rating equivalent to an IE7.

Over 100 industrial motors. We’ll have four frame sizes with three or four different power outputs from each

13”: 15, 20, or 25 continuous hp;

16”: 30, 40, or 50 contin. hp;

18”: 60, 75, or 100 contin. hp;

20”: 125, 150, 200, or 250 contin. hp)

These motors will run at different speeds (250/300 rpm, 750/900 rpm, 1500/1800 rpm, 3000/3600 rpm). They will also be suppled in different applications (general purpose, explosion proof (XP), flood proof, etc.)

Four traction motors. The same four frame sizes (13”, 16”, 18” & 20”) deliver 125 peak hp, 250 peak, 500 peak, and 1,000 peak respectively). These motors run at 4800 rpm.

That is the 51 billion tons per year of CO2 (40.4 billion) and CO2 equivalent (10.1 billion tons) that float up into the atmosphere and impede the radiation of heat back into deep space. The CO2e is other greenhouse gases such as methane.

The cleanest energy is the energy not used. The ZEUS Motor’s high efficiency maximizes what is not used, reducing power requirements, and allowing coal-fired power plants to be shut down.



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Zeus is seeking investment on Wefunder.

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